Hardware configurations, software, accessories

Hardware, software, accessories

We offer the purchase of IT devices, hardware, software, office accessories, the creation of customized configurations, the supply and installation of brand servers and workstations.

We build our configurations using good quality, reliable devices with long-term guarantee. We conduct a full-scale testing of the new computer, thus possibly faulty parts are screened and replaced before delivery.

If needed, we purchase operational systems, different software and special programmes, we do the administration for licences and help with the process of legalisation. To complement the range of commercial software we also offer alternative solutions for the application of open source software and systems, which can substitute for several commercial products, providing the same functions for a lower price, as well as a higher degree of security and reliability.

After delivery we install the desired operational system and user applications on the configuration, we configure them and make a backup copy, which will allow us to restore the post-installation state in only some minutes.

We also offer the supply of network devices, printers, printing accessories, data storage media (CD, DVD, BD, DLT, etc.), other accessories and peripheries.

Should you have any questions or need an individual offer, please contact our colleagues or send us a message by filling in the contact form.


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