Price list of services

Services related to administration of domains:

  • .hu domain registration: HUF 4.000/domain (includes 2 years of maintenance)
  • .hu domain maintenance: HUF 2.500/domain/year (for already registrated domains)
  • com, .net, .org, .info, .biz registration: HUF 6.000/domain (includes 1 year of maintenance)
  • .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz maintenance: HUF 5.000/domain/year
  • .eu registration + maintenance for 365 days: HUF 4.500/domain
  • Domain transfer request: HUF 1.000/domain, .org domain transfer request: HUF 6.000/domain (include one year of maintenance)
  • Change of domain owner: HUF 2.000/domain (.eu HUF 5.000/domain)
  • DNS service: HUF 500/domain/month

Supplement services related to webhosting plans:

  • Further SQL database storage: HUF 2.600/100MB/year
  • Storage space extension: HUF 2.600/500MB/year
  • Further e-mail addresses: HUF 2.400/5 email addresses/year
  • Authenticated SMTP service: HUF 250/email address/month (max. 500 email/day)
  • Fix IP address: HUF 2.000/IP/month (for anonymous FTP and SSL)
  • Installation of Drupal portal system without configuration: HUF 2.000/inst.
  • Installation of Drupal portal system with configuration of basic modules: HUF 4.000 /inst.
  • Installation of Drupal modules without configuration: HUF 1.200/module
  • Installation of Drupal modules with configuration: as agreed
  • Data retrieval from backup copies: HUF 7.000/hour

Renting of servers, server hosting:

  • Server hosting with annual contract (100MBps): HUF 18.900/month
  • Server hosting with open-ended contract (100MBps): HUF 21.900/month
  • Placement of server with annual contract, without IP: HUF 14.000/month
  • Placement of server with open-ended contract, without IP: HUF 17.000/month
  • Further fix IP address: HUF 2.000/IP/month
  • Renting of dedicated server: on individual offer, for a minimum term of one year.

System maintenance, system supervision and other services:

  • Travel fee in Budapest: HUF 6.000 (includes one hour of work)
  • Travel fee outside Budapest: HUF 6.000 + HUF 90/km (includes one hour of work)
  • Hourly fee: HUF 6.000/hour (invoiced on the basis of the number of hours started)
  • Remote management or intervention (invoiced for 30-minute periods): HUF 4.000/hour
  • Technical support by phone (flat-rate): HUF 12.000/month

For our clients who hold a maintenance contract we offer 20-50% discount on our prices according to the terms of the contract.

Our prices do not include VAT (27%). On free days and public holidays and after 8 p.m., there is a 50% additional charge on the fees listed above.