Server hosting

Server hosting

We provide highly visited websites, services that require high performance and server applications that require a special environment with the possibility to supply, install and rent dedicated servers, as well as ordering server hosting service.

Within the framework of this service – as agreed – we also supervise and maintain the installed servers, so our clients do not need to provide and supervise the operation of the background infrastructure.

We install servers in a server park with air-conditioning, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and continuous supervision. Apart from the 100MBps connection it is possible to order a hosting service with 1GBps connection or without Internet connection (e.g.: spare or backup server).

If you wish to install several computers, sign a fix-term contract and pay in a lump sum, we offer further discounts on our prices.

We offer our hosting service using the infrastructure of our contractual hosting service partner.

You can find the charges of installing servers in the price list; we give individual offers for rental and supervisory designs based on the technical parameters received. For our offer, please contact our colleagues or send us a message by filling in the contact form.


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