Website hosting plans

We offer our clients the following, pre-set hosting plans. If you wish to order our service – also in a different design –, please contact our colleagues who can give you an individual offer after discussing your particular requirements.


Name of hosting plan: E-mail Minimal Resident Standard Big Extra
Disk storage: - 100 MB 500 MB 1000 MB 2000 MB 3500 MB
E-mail accounts: 5 2 5 10 20 35
Individual mailbox size: 50 MB 50 MB 50 MB 100 MB 100 MB 100 MB
Domain name registration: subdomain * subdomain * 1 1 2 2
DNS service: - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
POP3, IMAP (SSL): Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Virus and spam filtering: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webmail: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email autoresponders: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited e-mail aliases: - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
FTP access: - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
FTP file manager: - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web-based control panel: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Password protected directories: - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom error pages: - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cron jobs: - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drupal portal engine: ** - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web stats: - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
PHP: - - - Yes Yes Yes
CGI, SSI resource: - - - Yes Yes Yes
Python, Perl: - - - Yes Yes Yes
MySQL databases: - - 1 1 2 5
Total size of MySQL databases: - - 50 MB 100 MB 200 MB 500 MB
Data transfer: - 5 000 MB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosting plan prices
Annual fee (invoiced in advance): HUF 4.950 HUF 6.990 HUF 9.600 HUF 12.900 HUF 19.900 HUF 29.900
Monthly fee (invoiced every 3rd month): HUF 550 HUF 780 HUF 1.100 HUF 1.450 HUF 2.200 HUF 2.990

* With this service you can also register a domain name with 40% discount compared to the current price of registration displayed in our price list.
** The one-time installation fee of the latest stable Drupal portal engine is HUF 2.000 without configuration and HUF 4.000 including the configuration of the basic modules. Installing further modules: HUF 1.200, configuration upon agreement.

Our prices do not include VAT, the charges of supplement services for our plans are shown on the prices site.

Detailed description of services for hosting plans:

  • Free registration or re-registration of a given number of domain names
  • Primary or secondary DNS service for the registered domains
  • Providing secure POP3-SSL/IMAP-SLL and webmail (HTTPS) for mailing
  • Turn-on/turn-off, individually controllable spam and virus filtering
  • Automatically replying e-mail addresses with setting options
  • Use of e-mail aliases
  • FTP and web-based upload for hosting
  • Individually settable, password-protected folders
  • Cron jobs for scheduled scripts
  • Optional authenticated SMTP service can be ordered (max. 500 email/day)
  • Optional detailed statistics on site visits: awstats or webalizer
  • Making backup copies up to 14 days back
  • Downloadable server logs for statistics and troubleshooting
  • Individual error pages
  • PHP (version 5), SSI, python, perl and CGI possibilities
  • Providing SuExec/suPHP environment
  • Using MySQL (version 5) databases with a PHPMyAdmin administration interface
  • Installation and configuration of Drupal portal system on request, technical support
  • Easily manageable web administration interface for hosting, e-mails and databases
  • Full-scale archiving of data available through a web interface

You can find all documents and forms necessary for order on our downloads site, and you can send them to us filled in via e-mail, fax or by post. Should you have any questions, please contact our colleagues or send us a message by filling in the contact form.


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