System building and supervision, system administrator services

System building and supervision

When building new IT systems and extending and restructuring existing ones, we design and implement the optimal IT infrastructure for our partners with a view to individual needs.

This includes the building of an appropriate (structured) networks, the purchase, installation and configuration of servers and network devices, as well as designing and building appropriate data protection and authority systems. If required, we create a software database including the applications and operational systems used, we provide help with the legalisation process and acquiring the necessary licences, and we participate in drafting the company’s IT regulations.

In order to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the IT system thus built, we offer our clients different flat-rate based designs, as well as occasional maintenance services. With these designs the continuous supervision and maintenance of used hardware and software devices, and the tracking and installation of security and programme updates are available.

For systems with Internet access we provide the use of remote management tools, thus carrying out tasks and solving potential problems cost-effectively and as soon as possible.

As there are always differences in individual needs, in the infrastructure used or desired and in the conditions of the premises we recommend asking for a customised offer. To get our free offer and further information, please contact our colleagues or send us a message by filling in the contact form. In the case of one-time – non-contractual – commissions, the charges in our price list apply.

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